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Brave Undertakings Lois Broughton

Brave Undertakings

Lois Broughton

Published March 27th 2009
ISBN : 9781440124853
420 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Maureen Towers is a woman without hope. When an ancient relative leaves her his crumbling estate in rural Indiana, she wonders if it will be an asset or an albatross. The tiny town of Lemster presents her with both her greatest challenges and her most treasured dreams as she struggles to prosper her new business within a community of lovable eccentrics and kindly crackpots. Forced by circumstances to face herself and what she believes, Maureen finds a friend in T. J. the town mechanic who has a mysterious past of his own. The hilarious misadventures of the Lemsterites and the beginning of an unlikely love all help to lead her to the One who is able to blot out every mistake and make all things new . Things and people are not always what they seem, and Maureen discovers the great lengths the Great Shepherd will pursue to find His lost sheep.